Ethical and eco-friendly products from recycled textile and plastic waste is ethical and ecological brand created in cooperation with a fashion designer mayamay. Our products are made from recycled textile waste and used plastic bottles. 

The idea to create a brand was born alongside the charity collections, where you can find too much clothing, which are often destroyed, unbearable, or there is just too much of it. Our societies adore fast life and consume tremendous amounts of everything. The fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter and accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. Purchasing garments has become an integral part of our lives and globally, we consume 80 billion articles of clothing per year, purchasing 400 percent more clothing than we did just 20 years ago. Whether we want to express our individuality or shield ourselves from Mother Nature, all of us are consumers in the fashion industry. Thanks to advances in technology the consumption of garments is easier and faster than ever before. But many of us struggle with what to do when our clothes have reached the end of their life cycle. The average lifetime of a piece of clothing is only about 3 years. Then it becomes either not wearable, not fashionable, loses its colour or we can find many other reasons why not to wear it any more. Unwanted garments are often passed on to friends and family, donated to charities and NGOs, or are returned to retailers as part of take back programs. However, only 0.1% of these donated or returned garments are recycled into new textile fiber. Most of these clothes will end up in landfills where they pollute and create an unsanitary environment. While up to 95% of those textiles could be recycled.

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