Handmade by physically disadvantaged and socially excluded people

Our products are handmade by physically disadvantaged and socially excluded people. sobi.eco focuses on eco-social production, awareness raising and education about sustainable solutions.

Our solution is unique because we combine social and ecological dimension with an awareness component in one tangible solution. Our pilot project focuses on transforming old clothes and plastic bottles into recycled products such as notebook sleeves or reusable bottle bags, all made from non-woven recycled material. Textile recyclers that produce non-woven recycled fabrics sell this material to the construction industry, where it is used once, or hidden beneath the concrete. The textile industry is worth 3 trillion dollars and market offers a huge range of possible solutions. We have placed our production into sheltered and social workshops, delivering green jobs to vulnerable people around us. Our vision is to support these people in the long-run, creating a safe and ethical working environment. Our goal is also to spread awareness about protecting the environment and different ways how to do it. We do so directly through our products, workshops, lectures and online campaigns.

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